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Regional Research Fellow Coordinators Appointed

The Earth System Governance research alliance is a global dynamic network that reflects the interdisciplinary, international, and multi-scale challenge of developing effective systems of governance to ensure sustainable development. 

Research Fellows are a central part of this network. Earth System Governance Research Fellows and Senior Research Fellows are early to mid-level career scientists who seek to link their own research projects with the broader themes and questions of earth system governance. Through a bottom-up, dynamic, and active network they collaborate on research, debate ideas and disseminate information on relevant events and opportunities in the field.

The network of Research Fellows has grown quickly since the launch of the Earth System Governance Project in 2009. Currently, there are 134 Research Fellows and 21 Senior Research Fellows, coming from 34 countries and representing a large variety of academic disciplines and a huge diversity in research interests. Find a list of all Research Fellows and their profiles here

Due to the rapid growth of the network and to increase the value add of the network, the Earth System Governance Project has appointed a group of Regional Research Fellow Coordinators who will serve as focal points for the Research Fellows in their respective regions, and initiate and coordinate activities and network development:

Africa: Usman Adebimpe Raheem, University of Ilorin, Nigeria; Felix Bayode Olorunfemi, Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Nigeria

Asia:  Kalpana Giri, United States Forest Service/ Lowering Emissions in Asia’s Forests (LEAF), Thailand

Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific: Nicholas Cradock-Henry, Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research, New Zealand

Caribbean and Central America: Michelle Scobie, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad

Europe: Johanna Kentala-Lehtonen, University of Tampere, Finland; Carolina Adler, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland 

North America: Sarah Burch, University of Waterloo, Canada

South America: Cristobal Reveco, Ecodiseñ, Chile; Leopoldo Cavaleri Gerhardinger, Campinas State University – UNICAMP, Brazil

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