Published on Dec 06, 2016

We congratulate Robert M. Ochieng for winning the Oran R. Young Prize for the best early-career paper of the 2016 Nairobi Conference – Does discourse matter in institutionalization? the case of REDD+ MRV in Indonesia, Peru and Tanzania.

Robert M. Ochieng is the lead author of the winning paper. Co-authors are Bas Arts, Maria Brockhaus and Ingrid Visseren-Hamakers.

The Oran R. Young Prize awarded by the Earth System Governance Project seeks to reward and encourage cutting-edge research on earth system governance by early-career scholars who could become the next generation of leading scholars in the field of environmental governance research – a field shaped and significantly influenced by the pioneering work of Prof. Oran R. Young. Read more about the Prize here.

Runner-up to the winning paper is a study on Policy Diffusion Through Capacity Building and Project Interaction in the Case of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in China by Katja Biedenkopf, Sarah Van Eynde & Hayley Walker (University of Leuven).

Robert M. Ochieng is a PhD Candidate at Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands. His research focuses on climatic change, environmental management and policy, and forest management, economics and products.



For winning the 2016 Oran R. Young Prize, Robert M. Ochieng will receive a presentation plaque and a book-voucher from The MIT Press worth 250 USD.