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I am Abir Gitlin, a Ph.D. Candidate at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I’m deeply engaged in exploring the interplay between political ideologies and morality to advance environmental sustainability, particularly focusing on meat reduction. My research integrates political and social psychology to understand how morality, social norms and identities can be leveraged to promote climate action and alter related attitudes and behavior.

Before my academic journey, I worked as a parliamentary advisor in the Israeli Parliament and in the private sector, experiences that have enriched my understanding of the political dimensions of environmental challenges. My work explores the complex dynamics of communication, politics, and policy-making in global governance.

I am committed to using empirical research to address real-world issues that face political obstacles. Outside academia, I find balance in yoga, culinary experiments, and time with my family. I am excited about contributing to and learning from the Earth System Governance community.

attitudesbehaviorclimate actionconsumptionenvironmentalexperimental researchframinggovernanceidentityideologyinterdisciplinarymeatmoralNormspolicypoliticalpoliticspsychologypublic opinionreductionsocialsustainability

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