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Associate Professor at the Institute of International Relations since 2002. Director of the Brasilia Research Center at Earth System Governance (Universiteit Utrecht ) Senior Researcher at Earth System Governance (Ocean Taskforce) Researcher at the Center for Global Studies (IREL/UnB) Member of the International Studies Association (USA) Member of the board of the Brazilian Association of International Relations (ABRI)

Main research interests: Complex systems, global governance (biodiversity, climate, oceans, biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction (BBNJ) and Antarctica) and planetary health.

Education: Graduated in International Relations at the University of Brasília (1992). Master in International Relations at the Sorbonne Panthéon University (1996). Doctorate in International Relations at the Sorbonne Panthéon University (2000). Post-doctoral research at the University Aix-Marseille/CERIC (2015) in international environmental law. Funded by CAPES/MEC.

Study groups: International System on the Anthropocene and Global Climate Change; Study group on law, natural resources and sustainability (GERN) and Planetary Health (USP)

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