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Andrea Haefner


Andrea Haefner is a Lecturer at the Griffith Asia Institute in Brisbane, Australia focusing on transboundary river basins. More broadly, her research looks at the salient changes in the Asia Pacific‘s security patterns and the rise of non-traditional security issues on the region’s security agenda, especially regarding environmental security and water governance with a particular interest in the Mekong region. More recent research interest is in the role of civil society groups linked to water governance.

Andrea’s book ‘Negotiating for Water Resources: Bridging Transboundary River Basins’ published in 2016 focuses on the Mekong, Danube and La Plata River Basins. Andrea Haefner currently works as Lecturer at Griffith University, after working for 3 years in Southeast Asia, particularly in Laos.

GeopoliticsLao PDRMekong regionnon-traditional securityWater governance

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