Andrew Jordan is fascinated by the politics that emerge when attempts are made to govern environmental problems using the tools and methods of public policy. He has examined how these different forms of politics have played out in relation to different aspects of governing including the use of new policy instruments, policy coordination across sectors, policy innovation and policy dismantling. He undertakes comparative work on these topics in substantive policy areas such as climate change and sustainable development. He is particularly interested in governing processes that occur in the European Union, its Member States and third countries outside of Europe.

He has published many papers and books on these themes, including Dismantling Public Policy (Oxford University Press, 2012), The Tools of Policy Formulation (Edward Elgar, 2015, with John Turnpenny) and the third edition of EU Environmental Policy (Earthscan, 2012, with Camilla Adelle).

In the past, he has taken on leadership roles in many large national and EU-funded projects, and produced work for a number of knowledge users including the OECD, the UK Cabinet Office, the UK environment ministry (DEFRA), UK Foresight, the European Commission, the Dutch Environment Ministry, WWF and the RSPB.  In 2015-16 he served as specialist advisor to the UK Parliamentary environmental audit committee for its inquiry on the EU referendum.

He was the Editor and/or Managing Editor of the international journal Environment and Planning C (Government and Policy) from 1998-2016. He currently sits on the editorial boards of West European Politics, Policy Sciences, Economic Geography and Environmental Politics.

In 2008 he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) and in 2017 he was identified as a Web of Science Highly Cited Researcher, one of only 180 social scientists in the world.

He currently sits on the Scientific Committee of the European Environment Agency (2016-2020) and the Advisory Group of the NERC Environmental Evidence for the Future Initiative (2017-8).

Recent publications

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