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Anita Lazurko is a PhD Candidate in Social and Ecological Sustainability at the University of Waterloo.

Her research addresses the use of participatory scenarios to explore plausible and desirable futures in the Anthropocene. First, she is developing and applying a reflexive scenario framework to help sustainability scientists critique and expand conventional assumptions about the future in scenario processes. Second, she is collaborating with the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the Red River Basin Commission to co-develop social-ecological scenarios for the future of the Red River Basin under increasing climatic uncertainty using participatory cross-impact balances.


After her B.Sc. in Civil Engineering at the University of Calgary, Anita completed a joint Erasmus Mundus MSc in Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management at the Central European University (Hungary), Lund University (Sweden), and the University of the Aegean (Greece). She has experience in transboundary strategic planning, decision making under uncertainty, and natural infrastructure for climate adaptation with various institutions including the International Water Management Institute, the International Institute for Sustainable Development, and Deltares. This work has taken her to Sri Lanka, Canada, the Netherlands and across southern Africa. Anita currently sits on the Board of Directors for WaterAid Canada and the Foundation for Environmental Stewardship. She is a Donella Meadows Fellow and a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholar.

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