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Belle is a social scientist driven by the urgent need to develop healthier climate policies. After graduating from her undergraduate studies, Belle worked for the National Health and Medical Research Council in clinical practice and research translation. With a background in political science and public health, in 2019 she completed a PhD investigating the role that health played in the development of climate mitigation policies in Australia, the EU, China and the US. Since her PhD, she has worked on air quality-related health impacts, evaluating the smartphone health app, AirRater, and has been a Knowledge Broker at the Australian Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research (CAR). She is now a Research Fellow at Melbourne Climate Futures at the University of Melbourne, Australia, where she co-leads the Health, Wellbeing and Climate Justice Research Program with Professor Kathryn Bowen.

air qualityClimateenergy transtionhealthjusticepolicypolitical economy

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