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Anne Jerneck is a teacher, advisor and examiner in several international interdisciplinary graduate and postgraduate programs in Development Studies and Sustainability Science at LU. Her research focuses on social, structural, and institutional change in relation to poverty, gender inequality, climate change, and the politics of food and sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa. Her theoretical and methodological interests and contributions are in integrated research, knowledge structuring and qualitative methodology for Development Studies and Sustainability Science.

  • Boda, C. S., & Jerneck, A. (2019). Enabling local adaptation to climate change: towards collective action in Flagler Beach, Florida, USA. Climatic Change, 157(3-4), 631-649.
  • Jerneck, A. & Olsson, L., 2019. Theoretical and Methodological Pluralism in Sustainability Science. In: Mino, T. & Kudo, S. (eds.). Framing in Sustainability Science: Theoretical and Practical Approaches. Singarpore: Springer Nature, p. 17-33 17 p.
  • Ylipaa, J., Gabrielsson, S., & Jerneck, A. (2019). Climate change adaptation and gender inequality: insights from rural Vietnam. Sustainability, 11(10), 2805.

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