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Annica Kronsell is Professor of Political Science at Lund University in Sweden.

Her current research interests is on gender perspectives of climate politics in the Scandinavian and European context where she published the articles: ’Gender and Transition in Climate Governance’ in Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions 2013 and with Anna Kaijser ’Climate Change through the Lens of Intersectionality’ in Environmental Politics 2013, ‘The (In)visibility of Gender in Scandinavian Climate Policy-Making’ with Gunnhildur Magnusdottir in International Journal of Feminist Politics 2014.

She is involved in different interdisciplinary research projects on climate, sustainability and biodiversity issues and has also published in this field, for example in: Jerneck et al. 2010 ‘Structuring Sustainability Science’ Sustainability Science. Professor Kronsell has been teaching extensively in the fields of international politics, peace- and conflict studies, environmental and feminist studies. She has also published in the area of gender, security and defense.

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