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Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann (PhD, University of Barcelona 2010) is Lecturer in EU Environmental Law at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, where he is also a member of the Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law and Governance. His main research interests lie precisely in international and EU environmental law. Antonio’s current research focuses on assessing how legal systems, from a global perspective, interact and contribute to (or indeed hinder) more sustainable patterns of social reproduction. ‘Global Justice’, ‘Global Law’ and ‘Earth System Law’ are therefore increasingly important perspectives to his work.

Selected publications:

Peer-reviewed articles:

  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann and E. Cocciolo, ‘Global Governance, Sustainability and the Earth System. Critical Reflections on the Role of Global Law’. [2019] Transnational Environmental Law 1-25 (Published online: 21 May 2019).
  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann, ‘Combating Desertification in Central Asia: Finding New Ways to Regional Stability through Environmental Sustainability?’ (2014) 13 (1) Chinese Journal of International Law 203-231.
  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann, ‘Constitutionalising Secondary Rules in Global Environmental Regimes: Non-Compliance Procedures and the Enforcement of Multilateral Environmental Agreements’, (2012) 24(1) Journal of Environmental Law 103-132.

Peer-reviewed chapters:

  •  A. Cardesa-Salzmann & E. Morgera, ‘The EU’s External Action after Lisbon: Competences, Policy Consistency and Participation in International Environmental Negotiations’, in M. Peeters & M. Eliantonio (eds), Research Handbook on EU Environmental Law (forthcoming in Edward Elgar, 2019).
  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann, ‘Monitoring and Compliance Mechanisms’ in Morgera, E. and Razzaque, J (eds.) Biodiversity and Nature Protection Law, Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law Series (Edward Elgar 2017), 455-467.
  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann, ‘Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Illegality’ in Elliott, L. and Schaedla, W. (eds.) Handbook of Transnational Environmental Crime (Edward Elgar 2016), 299-321.
  • A. Cardesa-Salzmann, ‘Reflections on the Suitability of a Human Rights Approach in the Context of the Climate Change Regime’, in Giles Carnero, R. (ed.), Cambio climático, energía y Derecho internacional: perspectivas de futuro (Thompson-Aranzadi, Madrid 2012), 169-178.

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