Academic researcher and full-time lecturer in the fields of International Relations/Politics, International Environmental Politics, and International Public Policy. Specialties: Global and Regional Environmental Politics and Policy; International Relations/Politics on the Environment. One of her research topics, since 2004, has been the regional cooperation and building of international/regional institutions on transboundary atmospheric issues in Asia-Pacific. This theme includes theoretical aspects of environmental governance, particularly in the consideration of network governance. Since 2011, she has been researching the intergovernmental negotiations on political aspects of global mercury and other toxic chemicals, exploring the BRS and Minamata Conventions. Finally, since 2014, a third area of interest has been the examination of the effectiveness and performance of Japan’s environmental diplomacy.


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  • Asami Miyazaki (2015), ‘Globalizing Mercury: Multilateral Efforts towards Minamata Convention,’ in Security: Towards International Society of Peace and Justice, edited and authored by Takahiro Jin-yo and Toshiya Hoshino (Shinzansha).