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I’m a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam, supervised by Prof. Joyeeta Gupta and Dr Crelis Rammelt. My PhD research is part of the project Climate Change and Fossil Fuels (CLIFF, ERC Adv. Grant) and concerns the challenges and opportunities for a just and inclusive energy transition with a focus on Leaving Fossil Fuels Underground in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). My analysis focuses on two LDCs (Bangladesh and Mozambique) and three MICs (Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina). Applying a comparative and transdisciplinary case study approach, the project team combines institutional analysis with an innovative theoretical model for inclusive development. In this regard, I also draw on critical International Political Economy approaches, in particular Neo-Gramscian understandings of energy transitions.

I hold a MA in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs and a BA in Political, Social and International Sciences from the University of Bologna (Italy), with study and research experience in France (Paris 1), Spain (UCM) and Argentina (UNQ), including participation in the UN ECLAC’s Programme of Advanced Studies in Latin American Economies 2021. My previous research focused on labour income inequality in Italy (BA thesis) and the process of deindustrialization in Argentina and its impacts on inequality (MA thesis).

climate changedevelopmentenergy transitionfossil fuelsGramsciinequalityInternational Political EconomyInternational RelationsLatin America

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