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Bregje Van Veelen


My research explores how low-carbon transitions can help communities and places to thrive. There are three main aspects to my research through which I explore this theme. First, I am interested in how low-carbon transitions open up new spaces of governance. That means that I am interested in how new actors/stakeholder begin to engage in climate and energy issues, and with what effect. Secondly, I am interested in the question “what might disappear” as a result of low-carbon transitions? Here, I analyse how society might be impacted by the phase out of high carbon technologies and energy sources, and the effect this has on social structures and identities, in order to understand how the phase out of high-carbon industries can be done in a way that is socially just (a “just transition”), Thirdly, I am interested in questions related to time: How do people imagine the future? And how does this shape their expecations for change? How do people respond when the future is uncertain? How do historical legacies influence actions today?

I have worked with national and local level governments on topics such as community ownership of land and citizen participation in meeting climate goals. This way I try to use the insights from my research to help develop governance approaches that are more open and participatory.

climate governanceenergy democracyenergy transitionsjust transition

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