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Carina Wyborn


Carina’s is an environmental governance scholar with a specific focus on the interface between science, policy, and practice. Her inter and transdisciplinary research examines anticipatory governance under conditions of contestation, uncertainty, and environmental change, and the co-production of knowledge and social order. Carina’s research focuses in the thematic areas of water governance, climate adaptation, biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, wildfire risk governance, and the food-energy-water nexus. Primarily, her research seeks to understand the dynamic interplay between how future environmental change is conceptualised, and how decisions about the future are made.

After completing her PhD at the ANU in 2012, Carina worked in the United States and Switzerland, working with government and non-government organisations on climate adaptation, wildfire governance, and biodiversity conservation. Carina was the research advisor for the Luc Hoffmann Institute from 2015-2020, where she co-led the Biodiversity Revisited Initiative, a global collaborative process that developed a research agenda for diverse and just futures for life on Earth. She is now based at the Institute for Water Futures at the Australian National University where she is currently conducting research on the science, policy, and politics of anticipatory governance in Australia’s Murray Darling Basin. Carina is on the advisory committee of the Transformations Community of Practice and the editorial board of Environmental Science and Policy.

Key publications:

• Wyborn, C., Montana, J., Kalas, N., et al. (2021), An agenda for research and action toward diverse and just futures for life on Earth. Conservation Biology
• Wyborn, C., Louder, E., Harfoot, M., & Hill, S. (2021). Engaging with the science and politics of biodiversity futures: A literature review. Environmental Conservation, 48(1)8-15
• Wyborn, C. Davila, F. Pereira, L. Lim, et al. (2020) Imagining transformative biodiversity futures. Nature Sustainability. 3(9)670-672
• Norström, A., Cvitanovic, C., Löf, M., West, S., Wyborn, C., et al. (2020) Co-produced global sustainability research: when, why, how? Nature Sustainability. 3:182-190
• Miller, C. A., and Wyborn, C. (2020) Co-production in global sustainability: Histories and theories. Environmental Science and Policy, 113:88-95
• Wyborn, C., Datta, A., Leith, P., Miller, C., van Kerkhoff, L., Chaffin, B., Montana, J., and Ryan, M. (2019) Co-producing sustainability: Reordering the governance of science, policy, and practice. Annual Reviews of Environment and Resources 2019, 44: 319-346.
• Wyborn, C., van Kerkhoff, L., Dunlop, M., Dudley, N., and Guevara, O. (2016) Future Oriented Conservation: Knowledge Governance, Uncertainty and Learning. Biology and Conservation, 25(7): 1401-1408.
• Murphy, D., Wyborn, C., Yung, L., Williams, D., Towler, E., Dobrowski, S., Eby, L., and Cleveland, C. (2016) Engaging Communities and Climate Futures with Multi-Scale, Iterative Scenario Building (MISB) in the Western US. Human Organisation, 75 (1): 33-46.

Full publication list at:

adaptiveness and reflexivityanticipation and imaginationco-productionSTStransformation

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