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Chris Bevan


Chris is an academic lawyer at Durham Law School, Durham University, UK having previously practised as a barrister in matters of property and family law. Chris’ research interests are situated on the intersection between property, housing, homelessness, and social welfare law.

Chris is increasingly interested in exploring the relationship between property law, sustainability and climate change and his work is both domestically-focused (law and regulation in England and Wales) but has additionally taken a profound turn in recent years to a more comparative, global focus. Chris is deeply passionate about the lessons to be learned from knowledge exchange at a global scale and facing collectively global challenges of housing, sustainability, and governance.

Chris sits on the Editorial Board of the Property, Planning and Environmental Law Journal and has published widely on matters of property law, social housing, housing legislation in its broadest sense and homelessness. Chris welcomes engagement in collaboration with lawyers and non-lawyers and relishes inter-disciplinary working.

climate change adaptationHomelessnessHousingPropertysustainability

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