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Coralie Boulard


Coralie is a doctoral researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences at KU Leuven (Belgium). She is affiliated to the Sustainable Futures research group, the Leuven International and European Studies institute, and the interdisciplinary research project CONNECTIVITY.

Coralie’s research marries the climate justice and imaginaries scholarships. She analyzes how different climate justice imaginaries debate and influence the course of sustainability transformations, through a case study of France. Her research therein explores: the interlinkage between and convergence of climate and other justice struggles; the diversity of climate justice visions and imaginaries; the contestation of sustainability transition pathways; the competition between dominant and radical imaginaries; and the role and politics of power embedded in these processes.

Coralie holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Development from McGill University (Canada) and a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from KU Leuven (Belgium). She also worked as an intern at the OECD Office for Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities, the OECD Executive Director’s Greening Office, and the European Environmental Bureau’s Climate and Energy policy team.

Coralie is particularly interested in transformative forms of research, in collaborative practices in research, and in public engagement and outreach.

climate justiceclimate policyclimate politicsFranceimaginariessocial justicetransformative research

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