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Cristina Inoue is a Professor at the Environmental Governance and Politics Chair Group, Department of Geography, Planning and Environment, Nijmegen School of Management, Radboud University, co-coordinator of the Radboud Centre for Sustainability Challenges and senior researcher at the Center for Global Studies/Institute of International Relations, University of Brasília, Brazil.

Her current research project relates global climate change governance, deforestation in Brazilian Amazon and the role of municipalities. The general objective is to understand the role of sub-national actors, particularly local governments in climate governance, by analyzing how Amazonian municipalities of Brazil have been acting or re-acting in relation to climate change/deforestation. Conceptually, the aim is to explore scale politics and global to local interactions in Earth System Governance architectures, and to envision how agency of local and non-state actors is constituted.

Besides, Cristina Inoue has also developed research and has published on issues related to the global biodiversity regime international, and the role of the conservation biology epistemic community, and also on Brazil and international cooperation for development. At the University of Brasília, she has taught courses on International Relations Theory, International Organizations, International Cooperation, Civil Society and World Politics, Global Governance and Global Environmental Politics. Moreover, she coordinates the Project “Be Aware” (Tome Consciência), which aims at promoting sustainable consumption attitudes and habits within the University community.

Before becoming a professor, she worked in the field of international cooperation at the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq) – Ministry of Science and Technology – and at the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC) – Ministry of External Relations.

Cristina Inoue has done short-term consultancy work for NGOs and research institutes, like International Development Research Centre (IDRC), European-Latin American Relations Institute (IRELA), Conservation International (CI), the Brazilian Association of NGOs (ABONG), the National Movement of Street Boys and Girls. The last one was for IDRC.  She also works as a volunteer for the NGO called Rodas da Paz, which promotes cycling and the safety of cyclists at the local level focusing on sustainable mobility.

She holds a PhD degree in Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy and Management (2003), and a Master degree in International Relations (1995), both from the University of Brasilia, Brazil, and a M.A. in Development Studies from the Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, Netherlands (1994).  She was a Visiting Scholar at the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP), the United Nations University in Bonn, Germany, from January to July 2009.

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