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Dr. Sun Jin Yun


Dr. Sun-Jin Yun is a Professor of Environmental Studies at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul National University. Prof. Yun graduated from Seoul National University, major in Sociology. She earned her MA and Ph.D. at University of Delaware, major in Environmental and Energy Policy, and has dedicated most of her career to promoting sustainable development and addressing environmental issues through vigorous research, lecturing, and social activities. In May 2021, Prof. YUN Sun-Jin was appointed as the Co-Chairperson of 2050 Carbon Neutrality Commission of Republic of Korea and deeply participated in the development of the 2050 carbon neutrality scenarios and establishment of the enhanced 2030 Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC). 2050 Carbon Neutrality Commission of Republic of Korea was established in May 2021, as Republic of Korea announced 2050 Carbon Neutrality goal on Octoer 2020, to propose Korea’s ‘2050 Carbon Neutrality Scenario’ and 2030 NDC and to collect opinions from diverse parties of interest (e.g. – industries, civil societies, labor, etc.) by providing forum for discussions periodically. The Commission’s name was changed to 2050 Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth Commission as the Framework Act on Carbon Neutrality and Green Growth took effect on March 25, 2022. Before assuming the role of Co-Chairperson of 2050 Carbon Neutrality Commission, Prof. Yun previously served in various positions at Government’s Committees, including Ex-Chairperson of Sustainable Development Committee, Ex-Chairperson of Korea Energy Information Culture Agency, Ex-Chairperson of Implementation Council for One Less Nuclear Power Plant Initiative and Energy Policy Committee of Seoul, etc

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