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My research focuses on regional water and climate governance. I aim to contribute to the study of modes of environmental governance and their relationship with sustainable development. I have carried out projects on water governance, flood risk governance, knowledge co-creation in regional climate adaptation projects, relationships between water companies and consumers and on innovation in wastewater management systems in a Western context.

As of 1 September 2017 I am coordinator of the ‘Governance and Societal Transformations’ Track of the BSc programme Global Sustainability Science and programme leader of the BSc Environmental Studies. As coordinator and contributor, I am involved in BSc and MSc level courses, including: Policy Evaluation and Design (2nd year bachelor); Sustainable Land Use (3rd year bachelor), Bachelor thesis Environmental Studies (supervisor and coordinator); Master thesis Sustainable Development (supervisor); Research Design (Masters).

A full list of publications is available on my Utrecht University profile page.

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