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Ed Atkins works at the intersection of political geography, environmental governance, and social justice. Current interdisciplinary projects include international work investigating the links between climate resilience and patterns of equity and equality, work on understanding the place-based impacts of digital infrastructure (such as data centres and cryptocurrency-mining), and projects exploring a post-Covid recovery in south-west England.

This work, in terms of both research projects and outputs, is often guided by an ethos that places people, communities, and social and environmental justice at their core. Whilst there is an urgency around discussing and mitigating climate change, it is important to ensure that segments of our community (at local, national and global levels) are not left behind or unsupported. This work includes research into the aviation sector, climate resilience, local environmental voices, and the use of digital technologies in managing household energy demand. In addition to the above, Ed is currently writing a book on renewable energies and social justice – focusing on how localised, place-based approaches might allow for a more equitable, just transition to a low-carbon economy.

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