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Eduardo is a Brazilian sociologist, postdoctoral researcher and coordinator of the Synthesis project at the Cluster of Excellence “Climate, Climatic Change, and Society” (CLICCS) at the University of Hamburg. His research interests include the diffusion of sustainability norms and practices, the plausibility of climate futures, and sustainable development governance in Brazil and beyond.

Eduardo is author of the book “Non-State Actors and Sustainable Development in Brazil: The Diffusion of the 2030 Agenda”, which investigates the sense-making and the social engagement of non-state actors with the UN agenda. Published by Routledge, the book provides the literature with empirical insights on the challenges and opportunities for sustainable development governance. In addition, it introduces a new approach to study the diffusion of norms and practices at different scales of governance.

BrazilClimate FuturesNormsPracticesSociologySustainable Development Governance

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