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Eduardo Viola has a Doctorate in Political Science from the University of Sao Paulo (1982). He has been Full Professor at the Institute of International Relations, University of Brasilia, since 1993 and Senior Researcher of the Brazilian Council for Research (CNPQ) since 1986. At present He is the Chair of the Brazilian Research Network on “The International System in the Anthropocene and Climate Change”. He has published seven books and more than eighty articles in journals on issues of Globalization and Governance, Democracy and Democratization in South America, Environmental Policy in Brazil and, Global and South American Politics of Climate Change.

His last book “Brazil and Climate Change. Beyond the Amazon” (co-author Matias Franchini) was published by Routledge in 2018. Viola has been visiting professor in several international universities, among them: Stanford, Colorado at Boulder, Notre Dame, Texas at Austin, Amsterdam, Campinas and Buenos Aires. He has supervised more than ninety doctoral dissertations and master thesis.

Prof. Viola has been consultant with the Brazilian Ministries of: Science and Technology, Education, Strategic Matters, Defense and Environment; and, several philanthropic organizations, international agencies and private corporations. He has been member of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Human Dimension of Global Environmental Change Program (Bonn) and the Committee on Global Environmental Change of the Brazilian Academy of Science. He is member of the advisory committee of “Climate Engineering Conference 2017 and 2020”. He is interviewed frequently by the most important Brazilian TV channels, news radios and newspapers on issues of international relations and the politics of global climate change.

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