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Dr. Elizabeth Malone is a senior research scientist at the Joint Global Change Research Institute. Her interests focus on policy-relevant sociological research in global change issues, developing studies that integrate disparate worldviews, data sources, and scientific approaches. Malone was an author and review editor for the most recent assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, both in impacts, adaptation and vulnerability; and mitigation. In recent years she has, with colleagues, developed structured methods for analyzing country, sector, and local vulnerabilities to climate change. She coordinated and developed the science portion of the National Intelligence Assessment on Climate Change and coordinated the development of regional reports on scientific knowledge about climate change. She edited, with Steve Rayner, Human Choice and Climate Change, a four-volume assessment of social science research relevant to global climate change; they jointly authored the summary volume and an invited paper for Nature on the conclusions.
Malone’s book Debating Climate Change (Earthscan, 2009) uses both discourse analysis and social network analysis to explore bases for agreement in the arguments used in the global climate change debate.

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