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Gabriel is an environmental social scientist and lawyer with more than 10 years´ experience on policy design and environmental litigation. His professional history includes working as an attorney at the Ecology Directorate in Chihuahua, Mexico, as a regional coordinator at an environmental law NGO, and then as an environmental project consultant in the private sector. Currently he is a Research Fellow in Earth System Law at the University of Lincoln.

His research is interdisciplinary, drawn from qualitative and quantitative methods, and based on theories from natural and social sciences. Gabriel’s research interests include adaptive governance, socio-ecological systems, the resilience theory, and Earth system law. His research has increased our understanding of the societal and environmental stressors that undermine law enforcement (e.g. human rights violations and droughts), and on understanding how legal and institutional tools can be leveraged for moving towards adaptive governance. Now his research is focused on examining the notion of Earth system law as a response to the failure of mainstream international environmental law and governance.

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