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My research is innately interdisciplinary, if not transdisciplinary with a strong focus on discourses of sustainable development. I have a particular interest in systemic transitions to sustainability and the barriers and drivers that help or hinder these transitions. I also try and make connections between the international and local scales of analysis wherever possible. At the international level I have worked with organisations such as the United Nations as well as international business exploring the governance dynamics that exist between different sectors. At the local level I have focused on the role of local government as a pivotal organisation for enhancing local communities and lives.

I have also been fortunate enough to combine my passions for sustainable development with my passion for surfing where I have explored different areas of sustainable development within and beyond the surfing industry.

I am the course Lead fort the MSc International Business Management at Cornwall Business School, Falmouth University

businessclimate changegovernancerisksurfing complexitysustainable developmentsystems

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