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Ieva Misiune is a doctor of Social Sciences. Currently she is an assistant professor at the Institute of Geoscience, Department of Geography and Land management at Vilnius University. In her doctoral work, Ieva has analyzed the initiatives of stakeholders in environmental governance, more specifically the motives and consequences of the transnational environmental certification. Now her scientific interest is related to the governance of ecosystem services and the involvement of the stakeholders.

She is a researcher with an expertise in socio-ecological systems and stakeholder engagement projects. She has experience in working in interdisciplinary projects mostly focusing on ecosystem services in urban environment: BiodiverCities – citizen engagement in green infrastructure planning, UrbanGaia – management of urban green infrastructure, LINESAM – national ecosystem services assessment, I-FESMAR – marine ecosystem services and drivers of change, two postdoctoral projects on urban green spaces and their use.

Over the course of her studies and work, Ieva made several internships at Ghent University, at Free University of Amsterdam, and Texas State University. She attended a number of international conferences in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden and Poland, also attended young scientists’ workshops in the Netherlands and Germany. She published WoS papers, several book chapters. Her together with the colleagues edited book on human-nature interactions will be published in 2022.

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