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Ina Lehmann is Assistant Professor of Governance of Global Biodiversity in the Department of Environmental Policy Analysis at the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Her research interests include the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity from local to global governance levels, as well as the various linkages between biodiversity and development policies. To date, she has notably analysed these matters from an environmental justice perspective, covering justice’s requirements regarding distribution, participation and recognition. More recently, her research focus is increasingly turning to the global policy integration of biodiversity considerations in the production sectors of agriculture, fisheries and aquaculture.
Ina is an active member of the ESG’s Task Force on the Governance of Nature and Biodiversity.

biodiversity mainstreamingconservation and developmentConvention on Biological Diversity (CBD)environmental justicenature-based solutions (NbS)

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