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Ina Möller is a political scientist and postdoctoral researcher at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She specializes in environmental governance and complex systems, focusing on the social dynamics between climate science and policy making. Her PhD thesis (completed at Lund University) describes the emergence of climate geoengineering as a new type of solution towards climate change, and the mechanisms by which it transformed from a taboo into a governance object. Her current research examines how actors who emit large amounts of greenhouse gases engage with geoengineering technologies. She is member of the ESG Task Force on New Technologies and co-editor of the ESG Early Career Resources Newsletter.


Recent publications include: 

  • Möller, Ina. 2020. Political Perspectives on Geoengineering: Navigating Problem Definitions and Institutional Fit. Global Environmental Politics.
  • Biermann, Frank & Ina Möller. 2019. Rich Man’s Solution? Climate Engineering Discourses and the Marginalization of the Global South. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics. 19(2): 151-167.
  • Gupta, Aarti & Ina Möller. 2019. De Facto Governance: How Authoritative Assessments Construct Climate Engineering as an Object of Governance. Environmental Politics. 28(3): 480-501.
  • Zelli, Fariborz, Ina Möller & Harro van Asselt. 2017. Institutional Complexity and Private Authority in Global Climate Governance: The Cases of Climate Engineering, REDD+ and Short-Lived Climate Pollutants. Environmental Politics. 26(4): 669-693.


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