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I am an international leader in sustainability science, policy and practice interested in exploring the role of corporations in fostering overall inclusive and sustainable development. I do this through the development, refinement and application of sustainability assessment tools  methods, models and techniques. I have applied such tools to various industries namely, extractives (mining), gemstones, higher education, finance and banking, public sector,  international development, fashion and the third sector (NGOs), in geographical contexts as diverse as Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Zambia and Angola.  I have completed numerous research and advisory projects, drawing on my experience of working with such iconic brands as the United Nations, British Council and ESCAP Business Advisory Council. My work can be consulted at

I am the Founder of the global connector ‘Exceptional Women in Sustainability – – the fastest-growing connector of women in sustainability. eWisely has 20 networks in Latin America, 11 networks in Asia-Pacific and 8 Networks in Africa. The network connects women in sustainability science, policy and practice across the globe to succeed together whilst building  sustainable careers. 

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