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Jen Iris Allan


Dr. Allan is a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff University. Her research explores how global rules and concepts are made and remade, through the politics of international negotiations and of social movements. Her work spans climate change, biodiversity, and chemicals and wastes.

Her book, The New Climate Activism, explains why non-state actors campaign for causes in which they lack expertise and prior experience, and, why some of these actors are able to successfully join activist and other networks working on these new issues, while others fail to gain such acceptance. Other publications appear in Global Environmental Politics, Policy Studies, Global Policy, Environmental Politics, and Third World Quarterly, among others. Jen’s research employs a range of methods, such as participant observation, social network analysis, and interviews.

Since 2011, Jen has been a writer and team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin – the de facto record of global environmental negotiations.

chemicalsclimate changenegotiationsNGOssocial movementswaste

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