Jen Iris Allan received her PhD from the University of British Columbia in May 2017. In the context of global environmental politics, her research explores environmental and social movements, and how global rules are made and remade. Her current book project, The New Climate Activism, explains why non-state actors campaign for causes in which they lack expertise and prior experience, and, why some of these actors are able to successfully join activist and other networks working on these new issues, while others fail to gain such acceptance. Jen drew upon an original dataset of NGO participation in the UN climate change negotiations, as well as social network analyses and over 70 interviews for this work. Jen is currently working with the Valuing Nature project to explore the diffusion and practice of the norm of ecosystem services. Jen’s publications in Global Policy, Third World Quarterly, and Environmental Politics further contribute to scholarship on NGO influence and state-based negotiations in global environmental politics. Jen is a writer and team leader for the Earth Negotiations Bulletin – the de facto record of global environmental negotiations. Since 2011, Jen attended over 30 UN conferences where states negotiate the rules of global climate governance, as well as chemicals and wastes management. She has published over 100 Bulletins with her ENB colleagues.