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Jennifer Garard is the Research Manager for the Sustainability in the Digital Age initiative, where she coordinates, advances, and oversees all research-related activities, and a Science Officer at Future Earth. Previously, Jennifer was a researcher with the working group Scientific Assessments, Ethics, and Public Policy at the Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change in Berlin, Germany, and an intern with the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity Health and Biodiversity Cross-Cutting Initiative.

She holds a BSc in Environmental Science from McGill University (2008), a Master of Environmental Assessment from Concordia University (2013), and a PhD from the Technische Universität Berlin (“Stakeholder Engagement at the Science-Policy Interface,” 2018).

Recent publications include:

  • Garschagen, M., Wood, S. L. R., Garard, J., Ivanova, M. & Luers, A. Too Big to Ignore: Global Risk Perception Gaps Between Scientists and Business Leaders. Earth’s Future 8, (2020).
  • Luers, A., Garard, J., St. Clair, A.L., Gaffney, O., Hassenboehler, T., Langlois, L., Mougeot, M. & Luccioni, A. Leveraging digital disruptions for a climate-safe and equitable world: The D^2S agenda. IEEE Technology & Society Magazine 39, 18–31 (2020).
  • Wood, S. L. R., Luers, A., Garard, J., Gambhir, A., Chaudhari, K., Ivanova, M. & Cronin, C. Collective foresight and intelligence for sustainability. Global Sustainability (2021).

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