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Jens Newig is full professor and director of the Institute of Sustainability Governance at Leuphana University, Lüneburg. His research spans governance processes and institutions from local collaborations to global telecoupling, seeking to better understand how different structures and forms of governance foster environmental sustainability. Particular research foci have been on participatory and collaborative governance (e.g. ERC-funded project ‘EDGE’), sustainable water governance (e.g. EU-ITN ‘NEWAVE’); or the governance of global telecoupling (e.g. DFG-funded project ‘GOVERNECT’, EU-ITN ‘COUPLED’).

With a recent interest in how environmental and sustainability governance research can provide reliable and robust knowledge that is ultimately useful for policy-making, Jens has, together with Dr. Michael Rose, initiated the ESG Taskforce on Knowledge Cumulation.

10 recent key publications:

  • Newig, J., & Rose, M. (2020). Cumulating evidence in environmental governance, policy and planning research: towards a research reform agenda. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 22(5), 667-681.
  • Newig, J., Challies, E., Cotta, B., Lenschow, A., & Schilling-Vacaflor, A. (2020). Governing global telecoupling toward environmental sustainability. Ecology and Society, 25(4), 19.
  • Newig, J., Jahn, S., Lang, D. J., Kahle, J., & Bergmann, M. (2019). Linking modes of research to their scientific and societal outcomes. Evidence from 81 sustainability-oriented research projects. Environmental Science and Policy, 101, 147-155.
  • Newig, J., Jager, N. W., Kochskämper, E., & Challies, E. (2019). Learning in participatory environmental governance – its antecedents and effects. Findings from a case survey meta-analysis. Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning, 21(3), 213-227.
  • Newig, J., Derwort, P., & Jager, N. W. (2019). Sustainability through institutional failure and decline? Archetypes of productive pathways. Ecology and Society, 24(1), 18.
  • Newig, J., Challies, E., Jager, N. W., Kochskämper, E., & Adzersen, A. (2018). The Environmental Performance of Participatory and Collaborative Governance: A Framework of Causal Mechanisms. Policy Studies Journal, 46(2), 269-297.
  • Newig, J., Schulz, D., & Jager, N. (2016). Disentangling Puzzles of Spatial Scales and Participation in Environmental Governance – The Case of Governance Re-scaling Through the European Water Framework Directive. Environmental Management, 58(6): 998-1014.
  • Newig, J., Kochskämper, E., Challies, E., & Jager, N. W. (2016). Exploring governance learning: How policymakers draw on evidence, experience and intuition in designing participatory flood risk planning. Environmental Science & Policy, 55, 353-360.
  • Newig, J., & Koontz, T. M. (2014). Multi-level Governance, Policy Implementation and Participation: The EU’s Mandated Participatory Planning Approach to Implementing Environmental Policy. Journal of European Public Policy, 21(2), 248-267.
  • Newig, J., Guenther, D., & Pahl-Wostl, C. (2010). Synapses in the Network: Learning in Governance Networks in the Context of Environmental Management. Ecology and Society, 15(4).

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