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Jon’s current research at UEA looks at the governance of clean development (, principally in the area of energy. The project aims to generate insights into which features of the actors, institutions, and policy-making processes involved in clean development at the national and international level are resulting in effective outcomes in terms of climate action and developmental benefits, which are not, and why. This is important when looking at designated policies such as the UN Clean Development Mechanism itself, but also at a range of governance actors active in this field and the multiple levels at which they operate.

The project focuses on actors, institutions and policy-making processes in three key countries in the global climate change regime with sharply diverging degrees of success with delivering clean development: Argentina, India and South Africa. These case studies identify and analyse the decisive factors that affect the ability of countries and investors to realise social and environmental gains as a way of identifying opportunities for change and reform that will better harness the prospects of alleviating poverty and tackling climate change simultaneously.

Jon’s work is funded by the ESRC under a Climate Change Leadership Fellowship grant to Professor Peter Newell.

Contact: jon.phillips[at]

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