Doctorate candidate in Marine and Coastal Management program in Cádiz, and a degree in Oceanography. Interested in analyze and understand the ocean-coastal system as a hole, I get more interested in Integrated Coastal and Marine Management approach. Went through, the interest in ecosystems to get more and more interested in how social and political aspects affect the preservation of coastal and marine ecosystems.

In my actual research I’m focused in the implementation of the Marine and Coastal management Policy in Mexico in the local scale (municipal). In this research it’s important to analyze the coastal governance to identify the gaps between laws, institutions and organizations, at the national and municipal level so the policy could be implemented. A important aspect in this research is to identify the drivers that influence the actual state of the environment, its effects in the people, more specific, indigenous people; and the responses of that the government had made to solve them.

Interested in marine and coastal management, costal governance, institutional arrangements, capacity building and social equity.