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Judith van Leeuwen is Assistant Professor at the Environmental Policy Group of Wageningen University. Her research interest lies with the nexus between changing architectures of global environmental governance and the changing role and authority of state and business actors. Business actors who have advanced environmental management systems not only have an internal corporate environment policy but also seek colloboration with governments, stakeholders and communities to address social and environmental concerns. As a result multi-stakeholder alliances and initiatives have emerged that complement, challenge and change governmental environmental policies. Using business administration insights, Judith investigates how corporate environmental management and multi-stakeholder initiatives influences architectures of global environmental governance.

During her PhD Judith investigated to what extent business actors have become more proactive and powerful and subsequently changed the institutional architecture of the environmental governance of shipping and offshore oil and gas production on the North Sea. She continued this line of research and has published multiple articles and book chapters on the environmental governance of shipping. Currently, she is also involved in the Green Shipping Partnership that is coordinated by the University of British Columbia (Canada). She has also been involved in the EU FP7 project Options for Delivering Ecosystem Based Marine Management ( between 2010-2013. This project focused on institional architectures for the implementation of Ecosystem Based Management in the four European Seas.

Selected publications

PhD thesis

  • Leeuwen, J. van (2010) Who greens the waves? Changing authority in the environmental governance of shipping and offshore oil and gas production. Wageningen: Wageningen Academic Publishers, Environmental Policy Series 1.


Peer reviewed publications (journal articles, conference papers, book chapters)

  • Van Leeuwen, J and CSA van Koppen (2016) Moving Sustainable Shipping Forward; The Potential of Market-based Mechanisms to Reduce. The Journal of Sustainable Mobility. Volume 3 Issue 2.
  • Van Leeuwen, J. (2016) Governing the Artic in the Era of the Anthropocene: Does Corporate Authority Matter in Arctic Shipping Governance? In: Pattberg, P. and Zelli, F. (Eds) Environmental Governance in the Anthropocene: Institutions and Legitimacy in a Complex World. Routledge. P. 127-145.
  • Van Leeuwen J., The regionalization of maritime governance: towards a polycentric governance system for sustainable shipping in the European Union, Ocean Coast. Manag. 117: 23-31.
  • Smits, C.A., Van Tatenhove, J., Van Leeuwen, J.. (2014) Marine Governance in the Arctic: Spheres of Authority of oil and gas in Greenland and the Arctic. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics 14 (4): 1-20.
  • Raakjaer, J.; Van Leeuwen, J.; Van Tatenhove, J.; Hadjimichael, M. (2014), Ecosystem-based marine management in European regional seas calls for nested governance structures and coordination—A policy brief, Marine Policy 50 part B, p. 373-381.
  • Van Leeuwen, J.; Kern, K. (2013) The External Dimension of European Union Marine Governance: Institutional Interplay between the European Union and the International Maritime Organization. Global Environmental Politics 13 (1): 69 – 87.
  • Van Leeuwen, J.; Hoof, L. van; Tatenhove, J. van (2012) Institutional ambiguity in implementing the European Union Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Marine Policy 36 (3): 636 – 643.
  • Wuisan, L.; Van Leeuwen, J.; Koppen, C.S.A. van (2012) Greening International Shipping through Private Governance A case study of the Clean Shipping Project. Marine Policy 36 (1): 165 – 173.

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