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Kapil Narula is a Senior Fellow at the Chair for Energy Efficiency within the Institute for Environmental Sciences (ISE) of University of Geneva. Kapil’s career goal is to “to provide a leadership role to the world, onto a path of sustainable development”. He is an electrical engineer, development economist, and an energy and sustainability professional. Kapil has worked onboard ships, as a faculty member at academic institutes, and as a researcher. Kapil’s work is interdisciplinary in nature and falls within the domain of the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research (SCCER) – Centre for Research in Energy, Society and Transition (

Kapil has a PhD in Development Studies (with a focus on energy economics and energy policy). His PhD studies integrated the subjects of engineering, economics, social sciences, earth sciences and statistics in a system of systems approach. He also has an advanced university degree in Electrical Engineering and a fist level degree in Engineering and Science. Kapil is a certified energy auditor and has hands on experience in power generation and distribution. In the past Kapil has worked as a Research Fellow at a maritime think tank at New Delhi, India and as a fellow at Project Drawdown Coalition, Sausalito, CA, United States. He is an affiliate of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) and a MIT Climate Co-Lab Catalyst. Kapil has participated in various international programs organized by reputed institutes such as IIASA, Vienna (2011); UKERC, Coventry (2013); Santa Fe Institute, New Mexico (2015), IEA, Paris (2016), IASS, Potsdam (2016) and was a Commonwealth Professional Fellow at UCL, London (2016).

Kapil is the co-editor/co-author of six books and his latest book titled The Maritime Dimension of Sustainable Energy Security is underpublication by Springer. Kapil’s papers have appeared in Energy, Energy Policy, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Applied Energy (Elsevier), Strategic Analysis (Routledge), Oxford Energy Forum, and in other international and online forums. He was the executive editor of the journal ‘Maritime Affairs’ published biannually by Taylor & Francis for three years and is a reviewer for many energy journals.

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