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Kristiaan Kok is a PhD researcher (2018-2022) working at the Athena Institute of the VU University in Amsterdam. He has a background in Physics (MSc) and Political Sciences (MSc). His PhD research focuses on the politics and governance of sustainability transitions. In particular, it aims to provide insights on how to better understand, govern and support transdisciplinary transition experiments and inclusive (policy) innovation, especially in the context of (EU) agri-food systems. More broadly, his work is connected to sustainability transitions in agri-food systems; the role of democracy and deliberation in transition governance; conceptualizations of power and agency in complex systems; and transdisciplinary research approaches. He has worked on (management of) several (EU-funded) projects, such as the FIT4FOOD2030 project that supported the European Commission in future-proofing EU food systems.

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