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Larissa Basso


My research focuses on commitment to sustainability transitions in emerging economies. Issues such as engagement with climate change mitigation, actors interaction in policy-making and how institutional frameworks affect the results are particularly interesting to me. I have a Law Degree (University of São Paulo, 2003), Masters in International Law (University of São Paulo, 2008) and Environmental Policy (University of Cambridge, 2010) and a PhD in International Relations (University of Brasilia, 2018). I was a Visiting Scholar at University of California San Diego and a Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Stockholm University.

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VIOLA Eduardo and BASSO, Larissa (2014): Amazonian policy and politics, 2003-2013: deforestation, hydropower and biofuels. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre Report.

climate politics; energy transitions; emerging economies

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