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I am a researcher and senior lecturer at the Department of Management of the University of Turin and I am qualified as an associate professor by the Ministry of Universities in Italy.

I have been a visiting researcher at the Laurea University of Applied Science in Leppävaara (Finland) and a short visiting researcher at The Open University in Milton Keynes (UK). I work on Sustainability Accounting and Accountability and everything related to the assessment of social and environmental impacts in business. I was recently awarded a Cross-KIC project by EIT Food, thanks to which I and my team of researchers, including Chiara Certomà (ESG), created a university urban vegetable garden in containers.

I deal with very sensitive research topics, and see accounting as a lens through which to read a phenomenon, even a critical one, numerically but also qualitatively. One of the most ambitious research projects that I am currently undertaking relates to accounting for the impacts of mega-projects and mega-operations, especially in a highly contested case, trying to develop analysis protocols that can be applied across the board to different realities, and which I had the honour of passing on to the Italian Ministry of the Environment. I have written about greenwashing, about access to food for the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic, so there is always a connection with business ethics in my research, which comes through a numerical reading of facts, but also through a deep narrative of contexts.

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