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Laura is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Durham University. She researches urban transformations to address climate change. Her work advances our understanding of the dynamics and politics of sustainable urban transformations to address interconnected environmental and social challenges. With a focus on urban environmental governance, her research examines the planning, implementation, and mainstreaming of climate change responses to achieve adaptation and decarbonization while advancing social justice. Her research covers several issue areas, including transnational urban climate governance, deep decarbonization of buildings, community energy planning, and nature-based solutions for urban sustainability.

Laura got a new position as Assistant Professor in energy and the environment at the University of Toronto Scarborough in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences starting in January 2021.


Recent Publications:

  • Tozer, L. (2019). The urban material politics of decarbonization in Stockholm, London and San Francisco. Geoforum.
  • Romero Lankao, P., Bulkeley, H., Pelling, M., Burch, S., Gordon, G., Gupta, J., Johnson, C., Lecavalier, E., Simon, D., Kurian, P., Tozer, L., Ziervogel, G., and Munshi, D. Realizing the Urban Transformative Potential in a Changing Climate. Nature Climate Change, 8, 754–756.
  • Tozer, L. and Klenk, N. (2018). Urban configurations of carbon neutrality: Insights from the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space.
  • Tozer, L. and Klenk, N. (2018). Discourses of carbon neutrality and imaginaries of urban futures. Energy Research and Social Science. 35, 174-181.

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