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Lennart Olsson, professor of Geography at Lund University, was the founding Director of LUCSUS 2000-16. Current research focuses on the politics of climate change in the context of poverty, food insecurity and ill-health in sub-Saharan Africa. He was Coordinating Lead Author for the chapter on Livelihoods and Poverty in IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report 2011-14 and for the chapter on Land Degradation in the special IPCC report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL), 2017-19.

Five recent publications:

  • Faran, T.S., Olsson, L., 2018: Geoengineering: neither economical, nor ethical—a risk–reward nexus analysis of carbon dioxide removal. International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics (on-line first). [0]
  • Thorén, H., Olsson, L., 2017: Is Resilience a Normative Concept? In Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses (on-line first) [0]
  • Olsson, L., Jerneck, A., Thoren, H., Persson, J., O’Byrne, D., 2015: Why resilience is unappealing to social science. Theoretical and empirical investigations of the scientific use of resilience. Science Advances 1(4), e1400217. [117] URL:
  • Olsson, L., Hourcade, J-C., Köhler, J. 2014: Sustainable Development in a Globalizing World. Journal of Environment and Development.  23(1), 1-13. [12]
  • Miller, T.R., Wiek, A., Sarewitz, D., Robinson, J., Olsson, L., Kriebel, D., Loorbach, D. 2013: The Future of Sustainability Science: Research for Social, Environmental and Technological Change. Sustainability Science 8(3). [198]

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