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Marie Claire Brisbois is a Lecturer in Energy Policy and Co-Director of the Sussex Energy Group. Her work examines questions of structural power, politics and influence in energy, water and natural resource governance contexts. Dr. Brisbois’ other research interests include participatory and collaborative environmental governance, the science-policy interface, and social mobilisation in times of transformative change.

In addition to her work in governance, Dr. Brisbois has a Master’s degree in Biological Engineering from Dalhousie University that focused on stream ecosystem health, and has consulted on technical and policy-level water and climate issues in Latin America and Canada. She also has extensive experience in teaching, community building and facilitation through work with Waterlution, the Sierra Club of Canada, and the University of Waterloo.

Select Publications

  • Brisbois, M. C. (2019). Powershifts: A framework for assessing the growing impact of decentralized ownership of energy transitions on political decision-making. Energy Research & Social Science, 50, 151-161.
  • Sovacool, B. K., & Brisbois, M. C. (2019). Elite power in low-carbon transitions: A critical and interdisciplinary review. Energy Research & Social Science, 57, 101242.
  • Brisbois, M. C., & de Loë, R. C. (2016). Power in collaborative approaches to governance for water: A systematic review. Society & Natural Resources, 29(7), 775-790. G
  • roulx, M., M.C. Brisbois, C.J. Lemieux, A. Winegardner & L. Fishback. 2017. ‘A Role for Nature-based Citizen Science in Promoting Individual and Collective Climate Change Action? A Systematic Review of Learning Outcomes.’ Science Communication 39 (1): 45–76.
  • Brisbois, M. C., & de Loë, R. C. (2016). State roles and motivations in collaborative approaches to water governance: A power theory-based analysis. Geoforum, 74, 202-212.



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