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Maruf holds an LL.M in Environmental and Natural Resource Protection Law from the Ocean University of China (2018). He is currently a PhD Candidate in Law of the Sea at the South China Sea Institute, School of Law, Xiamen University (2022). His main research areas include the International Environmental Law and the Law of the Sea with a particular interest in the marine environment protection law and the process of global governance for ocean sustainability, including the development of law and policy related to several anthropogenic marine pollutions such as marine plastic pollution, anthropogenic underwater noise, and climate change. His PhD research focuses on the regulatory framework for the protection of the marine environment from anthropogenic underwater noise. He is a member of the Ocean, Coast and Coral Reefs and Climate Change Specialist Group of the IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law. Apart from his academic activities, he is also passionate about international work camps and social volunteer activities, particularly in the project of environmental and sustainability.

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