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Michael Rose is a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer with the Research Group on Governance and Sustainability at Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany. He co-convenes the ESG Taskforce on Knowledge Cumulation. Prior to his employment at Leuphana University, he was the scientific coordinator of the Centre for Transformation Research and Sustainability at the University of Wuppertal and worked in the Centre’s “Well-Being Transformation Wuppertal” project as a research associate.

Michael held a 3-year doctoral scholarship at the post-graduate college “Linkage in Democracy”, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Düsseldorf, Germany, and was an adjunct lecturer at the Universities of Düsseldorf and Wuppertal. Michael holds a Dr. phil. (equivalent to PhD) from the University of Düsseldorf and a Diploma (equivalent to Master’s degree) from the University of Bamberg, both in Political Science. His research interests include knowledge cumulation, sustainability governance, sustainability institutions, the political representation of future generations, democratic short-termism, intergenerational justice, democratic innovations, transdisciplinary and transformative research approaches in sustainability science, sustainability indicators, and real-world laboratories. Visit his institutional website for more information and publications (

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