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Moritz is a project intern working at the Earth System Governance International Project Office.  His focus is on research, synthesis work, communications, and administrative support in preparation for the International Scientific Conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” in Paris, July 2015. Currently, Moritz is completing his final coursework at Lund University and is about to finish his Double Bachelor’s Degree in Human Rights and International Relations at Malmö University.

The academic background of international law and political science has provided Moritz with a strong set of interdisciplinary research skills, which will be put to use during the internship at the Earth System Governance International Project Office. His previous volunteer work at a conservation project in Zimbabwe has influenced him to focus his research efforts on the environment. More specifically, Moritz developed a strong academic interest in climate change and its challenges. He wrote two very successful bachelor theses on different aspects of climate change and its impacts as well as governance.

His further research interests include obstacles to efficient global governance, changes in international economic integration, and geopolitics.

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