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Morten Ougaard is employed at the Department of Business and Politics at CBS. His research focuses on business and global governance and political aspects of globalization. With a background in political science Ougaard’s main professional interest has for many years been international political economy. He is partly occupied by macro-theoretical perspectives on the international community in historical perspective, and partly by empirical analysis of selected aspects of the world community. In the second category Ougaard has published analyses of North-South relations, US foreign policy, the OECD’s role in global governance, civil society engagement with the OECD, and the corporate social responsibility (CSR) movement. Theoretically he is particularly interested in historical perspectives on world order, and in the engagement between liberal and critical theories in International Political Economy. Currently Ougaard works mainly with theories on business in global governance, and the emerging economies in transnational governance networks. 

Ougaard is, inter alia, member of the Board of the CBS Jean Monnet EU Centre of Excellence, the CBS Center for Corporate Social Responsibility, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation’s Committee on Bibliometric Research Indicators in Political Science, the International Advisory Board, Transdemos Project, the Universities of Lund and Stockholm (2008 – 2013), and the Editorial Board of the Danish political science journal Politica.

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