Muhammad Badrul Hasan is a PhD researcher at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, Utrecht University. He is pursuing PhD in the issue of governing the drinking water resource system in developing countries focusing in Bangladesh. With this, he aspires to assess the type of institutional arrangement leading to efficient governance of drinking water resource system in developing countries. His research interests include water governance, environmental governance, institutional analysis and common pool resource (CPR) management

Md. Badrul Hasan did Bachelor and Masters in political science department at the university of Dhaka, Bangladesh He is also an Assistant Professor at the department of Political Science in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a part of his responsibilities, he offered teaching on the courses related to governance, public policy, democracy and democratization. Now, he is in study leave for pursuing PhD study.

In addition, Muhammad Badrul Hasan has also been actively involved as research fellow and member of Microgovernance Research Initiative (MGR) and Earth System Governance (ESG).


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