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Noémie Laurens is a Political Science PhD Candidate at Université Laval (Quebec city, Canada). She holds a Master’s in Management from HEC Paris and a Master’s degree in environmental economics from Université de Bordeaux, France. Her research interests include trade and environment politics, norm diffusion, complex systems and networks. More specifically, her PhD project focuses on the trade-offs between rule innovation and rule diffusion in the trade and environmental governance systems, relying on a combination of complex system and network theories. She was a visiting researcher at McGill University, Montreal, in 2019 and will soon continue her research at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, in early 2020. 

 She currently works as a research assistant at the Canada Research Chair in International Political Economy (, where she updates data sets of trade and environmental treaties and works on several research projects. In the context of her work at the Chair, she has recently published two academic papers. The first one deals with the contribution of preferential trade agreements to international environmental law, and the second one with the environment-related provisions included in the 2018 US-Canada-Mexico trade agreement. 

 Recent publications

 Laurens, N. & Morin, J-F. (2019). Negotiating Environmental Protection in Trade Agreements: A Regime Shift or a Tactical Linkage? International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics, 19(6), 533-556.

 Laurens, N., Dove, Z., Morin, J-F., & Jinnah, S. (2019). NAFTA 2.0: The greenest trade agreement ever? World Trade Review, 18(4), 659-677.   

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