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Peter Dauvergne is a professor of international relations, specializing in global environmental politics. His research covers the politics of social movements, consumption, technology, and corporations, especially the consequences for social inequality and ecosystem degradation in the global South.

His recent books include Will Big Business Destroy Our Planet? (Polity, 2018), Environmentalism of the Rich (MIT, 2016, winner of the Michael Harrington Book Award), Protest Inc. (with G. LeBaron, Polity, 2014), Eco-Business (with J. Lister, MIT, 2013), Paths to a Green World, 2nd ed. (with J. Clapp, MIT, 2011), Timber (with J. Lister, Polity, 2011), and The Shadows of Consumption (MIT, 2008, winner of the Gerald L. Young Book Award). He is also the founding and past editor of the journal Global Environmental Politics.

In 2016 the International Studies Association presented him with its Distinguished Scholar Award for Environmental Studies. In 2018 he was inducted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada (FRSC).

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